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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kazuma surfboards

Kazuma students take top honors in the 2009 Quiksilver Jr Pro at Kewalo's

Kazuma students take top honors in the Quiksilver Jr Pro at kewalo's. Past kazuma rider Albee Layer won the event with a perfect 10 ride taking home the $2000.00 check. Billy Kemper and Granger Larson placed equal 3rd. Matt Meola and Tanner Hendrickson placed equal 5th. Impressive results from the Maui Boys and this shows the dominating success of the Kazuma training program.

my brother CRAZY BAND

Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestar "Universal Sprache" (CD)


Lobefood would like to let this French band's words speak for themselves...

"In 2003, some musicians of the french tribute band to Franck Zappa called "The Children of invention" decided to create a new band playing his own music. The Sheraf project was borning...

Firstily, this project was an instrumental band and when firsts songs were created, sheraf musicians wanted a singer. Pedral took the place of the dumb/mouth-noising/cartoon singer in 2004. Vladimir Bozar did his first gig when the children of invention did the last.

Vladimir Bozar is just an imaginary king of absurdity. Sheraf is coming from a cult comic movie called "La classe américaine" (American stylish).

Metal, punk, classical music, jazz, movie sound, Tzigane music, electronic, are mixed to the guitare, violin, trumpet and especially a voice coming from Hell...

In 2008, when Vladimir Bozar decided to record his first album, Pedral remembered about his discussion with Tim Smolens and his way to record and mix an album. Tim Smolens and Jason Schimmel was ok to mixed for this album. In may 2008, Pedral and Mina went to the Estradasphere studio in Seattle and worked on "Universal Sprache" with Estradasphere musicians.

Timb Harris from Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3 helped a lot for his mix and did some trumpet overdub. Tim recorded some double bass and vocals, Jason some mandolin, and others very sympathic musicians Trumbon and Flute...

Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestär is now working on a new tour for 2009 and will have the french magazine ELEGY as main partner. The band provides to go tour through Europe and would like to organise a tour in USA and would love to export his music to Japan."

Ha! 'American Stylish' indeed...