Thursday, June 4, 2009


Established in 1995, Liquid Eye is a European based company who has handcrafted water housing for more than 12 years.
Created at the beginning by a professional photographer who wished to have gear totally adapted to his needs and his necessities.
This photographer, Philippe Chevodian, become the special designer of Liquid Eye. His trips around the world in search of new waves, lead him to always try to reduce his equipment and it is natural that the concept of our housings is influenced by those choices.
Thus, our production is essentially centered on weight and volume earnings, primeval factors in action photography.

Our products are conceived and designed by professional photographers. That is the key of our success.In order to acquire the best possible outputs, we use state of the art of composites products and the techniques called “sandwich”, the same techniques are used in aeronautic industries and racing constructions (formula 1, Indy cars, etc.).
Epoxy resin, stronger and with a longer lifespan, has been preferred, to classical polyester resins.
Fiber compounds are, for the main part : fiberglass, carbon glass and some parts are Kevlar reinforced for a better tearing resistance.

Liquid Eye has chosen to adopt an optional system, totally new.
By opting for such a system we took the option of offering to our customers a larger price range, which allows us to propose more affordable prices for the basics models but without compromising any of the technical advantages that make the reputation of our products.
Several front plates are available and reserved spots allow additional controls. Thus, step by step, the photographer can improve the possibilities of his housing.

The pistol grip
The original Liquid Eye pistol grip is totally unique. Supplied on all the SLR housing it is fully removable. This solution presents the double advantage of reducing the volume for easy carrying and allows different accessories such as pole or remote control plate.
The “ILS” system provided on those handles is also an exclusivity of Liquid Eye. Not a single hole goes through the housing wall avoiding any leaking problems.
The push button gets double step sensitivity. It is the only two-in-one control available on the splash housing market. The first position controls the AF function and the second, the shutter release.
By the special HC screw located on the back of the pistol grip, it is also possible to tune the sensitivity of the AF position control.

The front plates
As indicated above, there are different models of front plates.
The basic front plate (ref. BF-al/s), the cheaper one, is made out of acrylic sheet. It can fit lenses such as 24 mm f2,8 until 50 mm f1,8. A slightly longer model (ref. BF-al/l) is also available, designed for small and medium tele-lenses such as 85 mm, 100 mm or 200 mm.
Thanks to its exclusive technique of extension rings, the very latest baptized “one screw system (2)” that equips the composite fiber plates pushes once again the frontiers of water photography. With only one front plate, you will be able to mount Canon® lenses from the 15 mm fish eye until the 300 mm f4!
An ingenious gearing system facilitates the use of the zoom control for most of the brand models

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