Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jerome Houyvet photography

Jerome HOUYVET is the best windsurf and water sport photographer in the blue world.

Born in 1970, Jerome started windsurfing at 13. A few years later, the first signs of a future in photography started to appear as Jerome began making pictures of his windsurfing peers, " just for fun". Who would of thought that he would later make it his life.

In 1989, Jerome enrolls into a 3-year program at a photography school in Paris. It is there that he discovers the many possibilities and aspects of work as a photographer. Alas, the ocean is far a distance from Paris and his first windsurfing assignments are limited to the Paris-Bercy Indoor. These would be his first photos printed in his favorite magazine, WIND.

With a major in promotions, in 1992, Jerome is offered a unique opportunity to work as a reporter for the "securite civile", France's rescues operations including firemen,aerial rescues on the ocean, in the mountains, the Canadairs, forest fires and earth quakes. He spends three years in this rough but passionate field of work where one must master control over one's emotions. Strong images and a connection with men devoted to serve others was an unforgettable and marking experience.

But his passion still alive, etched deep in his soul, Jerome is drawn to "La Torche" in October 1994 for a Wold Cup Event. Meeting all the pro windsurfers pushes him over the edge as he decides to invest and follow this niche of photography all the way. Ten days later, Jerome is off to Hawaii for the Aloha classic, the last event of the pro circuit. This trip marks the decision: October 1995, Jerome quits the "Securite Civile", to put his dream to work.

Training in the powerful waves of Hookipa was not easy, to say the least. There were a few harry experiences as Jerome made his first watershots. All the hard work and tribulations in the waves finally pay off when Jerome gets his first photos published a few months later.

Today, Specializing in windsurfing photography, Jerome works with all the top professionals in the world to share with you their best sessions, their most radical moves and biggest wipeouts. His time is spent between Hawaii, other further more exotic locations and a few French Championship events (the AFW), and of course, Barfleur, his own little paradise.

His enthusiasm and passion still existent today, Jerome can often be spotted on the water riding the waves with his friends.


Thanks to Jerome for all the good tips about photography.

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