Thursday, August 2, 2012

Freediving in the Hawaiian water.

Born  on the island of O’ahu, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it was inevitable that Kyle would find his passion in the ocean. Introduced to spearfishing at the age of 14, it wasn’t until a year later when he attended a Performance Freediving class, taught by Craig Gentry and Kirk Krack, that Kyle set his sights on freediving. Through the help of his peers and mentors, he has rectified his beliefs of what is accomplishable with the human mind and body.

Currently, Kyle attends Punahou School where, in the upcoming fall semester, he will be entering his senior year. In addition to freediving, Kyle also participates in outrigger canoe paddling, waterpolo, and motocross.
name  Kyle Gion, Alternate
location  Honolulu, HI
age 17
favorite discipline CWT
CWT 50 meters
DYN 125 meters
STA 6’09”
sports,ocean,under water,photography,surf,
photo of Kyle Gion in Hawaii.
A lot of professional big wave surfer are excellent freediver one of the best example is water man Mark Healey (quicksilver).
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